Tuesday, April 26, 2005


So what do you do when your car that is practically paid off totally breaks down on you the night before you get underway for two weeks at sea???
You call USAA Road Side Assistance.... they pay to tow your car to a facility near your residence....

So what do you do with the car once it's towed to the correct location, while you are at sea???
You let the tow truck guy park the car by a parking meter under a banyan tree (aka Ficus benghalensis) AKA .. The freaking tree that "craps" all over your car and eats the paint away..... Anyway, you let the car stew in banyan tree droppings for about 8 days.... Did I mention that the police make daily trips by there to drop off a grand total of 3 parking tickets?

So what do you do when the mechanics tell you that your transmission is totally done and that it will cost you 3,000$ to fix it???
You trade in your piece of crap car for 2,000$ and buy a brand SPANKING new 2005 NISSAN Frontier 4-Door Crew Cab LE with a 7 year warranty....... Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen.... Ryan officially signed away 5 years of his life away to be able to drive the finest black 4-door truck on the road!!!!!!!!! Check it out....


On other news, Ryan is continuing to work his tail off by spending the majority of his time on the lovely cruise ship ( Guided Missile Destroyer) USS HOPPER........ He gets berated on a bi-weekly basis about numerous items concerning his responsibilities.... During the weekends that he doesn't have duty, he gets to hang out at the beach... scuba dive... and chill with his best buds on island Cromwell, Divina, Kelli, Calvin, Rachel, Lisa, Stacy to name a few.........

Saturday, April 09, 2005

It's About Time.....

Greetings to all the Seasideryan readers out there!!! I either check my own site a lot... or some people actually have been checking to see, if I will ever write anything interesting again in this blog. Life has been a high rate of speed these days, since my return from that school in California back in February.

I suppose that I haven't really felt like I have anything of note to write about these days.... I have been enjoying some beautiful weekends off in Hawaii diving and getting some beach time once a week or so..... I really enjoy hanging out with my new church family out here on the weekends.... That is pretty much the highlight of my week. You know hanging out with Cromwell, Kelli, Lisa, Stacy, Calvin, Rachel to name a few... Something about dreaming... and late nite green faces... swing dancing... and martial arts??? :)

I have been wanting to become a bit more purposeful with our time together as well as intentionly with those lacking the abundant life of Christ. I feel like we have gotten to know each other well, and that we all agree on loving the heart of God. So now the real question is what are we going to do together as a group to engender a genunine Community whose inspiration is directly from the Holy Spirit to the hurting and purposeless people in our lives?? I mean we have a pretty diverse group, so one could tell with a quickness that our group does not share much other than the fact that we have a common bond in Christ Jesus. I guess that's a good start....... But where is He leading us from here? We have Sunday mornings freed up due to the changing structure of our church..... soooo....... What are we gonna do about it????

Sooo.... yeah on another note.... With my pastor Mark speaking about God's overarching will for my life and linking it to idea of destiny.... I have had quite a time pondering that link. We so often think that God's will is limited to this job or that job... yes or no... do this or do that... We just box up God and His will into this nice little religious shape that makes us comfortable to live with the status quo....

Too bad.... That's what God has been telling me.... TOO BAD.... He has something much more grand in mind than a safe little normal regular status quo "good" life for me as one of His many chosen... The more I read about the King and His character in the Old Testament... The more I realize how difficult He allows circumstances to be in our lives for His purposes....

For instance in Ezekiel Ch. 24, God just straight tells the prophet that He is going to take the life of his wife.... Now this guy is like the ONLY dude at this time who is faithfully loving God with all of his heart in the midst of a rebellious nation... NOT ONLY THAT!!!! But God tells him not to openly mourn the "delight of his eyes"!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT??? A loving God does that.............. So how does that work??? What was God's purpose???

Verse 24 states that God used Ezekiel as an example, so His people would KNOW that He is the Sovereign Lord................ God will go to extreme lengths in order to have His people get to be intimate with Him..... That's a pretty tough pill to swallow.... Somehow ir-regardless of the terrible circumstance that Ezekiel found himself in.... He knew that God his best interest at heart as well as the best interest of Israel..... I want to know how to KNOW the heart of God to the point where I could be obedient to the King in the really rough times.... That's something I have been pondering.... With that I close.....

Thursday, April 07, 2005


This has some crazy good books to read from, if you want to read some thought provoking Christian literature.


This has some recent pics that I have taken in the last couple of weeks.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Here are three seemingly normal ladies.... Kelli, Lisa, and Stacy.....However, do not let those innocent faces fool you!!!!!! They are really apart of a secret sect who is planning to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

This is one of 5 rainbows seen in about a 3 hour period. No wonder Hawaii is called the Rainbow State!
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